Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Color Me Beautiful/ Say It With Flowers

Nothing sets the tone of a wedding like color. You can use color to tie all the elements of your event together, from invitations to bridesmaid’s dresses to the cake. Being that I love color, it’s hard for me to imagine using just one for a wedding. I prefer to choose a palette of 4 colors that complement one another to bring life to an event. Since we’re discussing autumn weddings, my absolute favorites are burnished oranges and golds, deep reds and chocolate brown as an anchor.

Metallics were all over the runways at the fall fashion shows; use these striking colors as accents your seasonal shades. Think gold hand-dyed ribbon to secure the pumpkin hued invitations, programs or favor boxes. (Photo courtesy of Bags & Bows)

When it comes to flowers, I definitely follow the philosophy of bigger is better. Now, I’m not speaking of overly grandiose, hulking floral arrangements that obstruct your view of your dinner companions or keep everyone from seeing the intricate beading of your gown. I do have some modern minimalist tendencies, after all. What I’m referring to are blooms that are singularly lush and full. My favorite flower is the peony, enough said. Imagine using this beautiful sunset dahlia as a boutonnière.

This mini calla lily is perfect for those who looking for a more sleek alternative.(Photo by dasha wright)

(Bouquet courtesy of Bloom Flowers)
(Bouquet courtesy of Ariella Chezar Design)

This arrangement is a favorite for winery festivities. It's a very potent design but petite in scale as to not overpower the intricate beading of the gown. Notice the various colors of the roses work together to create a beautiful palette. Remember proportion is key!
(Photo courtesy of Lorraine Patricia)

Next up: décor and place settings.

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