Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So…What’s Your Event’s Theme?

I have always been of the opinion the best events flow from a single theme. Now this theme may include several key elements, but those elements all the serve the chosen theme. For example, an idyllic beach soiree may include the blues and greens of the Caribbean sea, pure white linens reminiscent of sailboats, dozens of conch shells and perhaps even sand incorporated into the place card table. Can you visualize the effects? Now imagine how out of place crystal snowflakes would be. See what I mean by key elements serving a single theme?

As I mentioned previously, nothing sets the tone of a wedding more absolutely than color and Autumn is one of the richest seasons where color is concerned. Let’s explore how to use color in the key design elements of your autumn fete. Nothing underscores your intentions more than your décor choices.

Often times your guests first impression of your reception will be the place card table. Imagine the sparkle in their eyes as they approach the table draped in orange shantung silk with tent-folded place cards decorated with fall foliage and calligraphy script. A stunning effect whic may be achieved without breaking the bank! (Photo by Rodney Bailey)

Picture their stunned faces upon entering the room and seeing these incredible tables. These trees are some of the most striking I’ve seen. Though they are quite simple, the effect is awe-inspiring. Notice how the trees further incorporate the design elements of the place cards. The use of leaves to line the tall vases emphasize the autumn theme. The scale of the arrangements drawn the eye upwards and does not impair conversations with your tablemates. Notice how the dark wood chairs further compliment the decor (cohesiveness is the word of the day!)
(Photo by Rodney Bailey)

The detail of the sparse branches is exquisite, echoing the elements of the season.

(Photo by Rodney Bailey)

Strategic use of the frosted golden goblets mirror the colors of the linens, but are careful not to overwhelm the vibe. The clear chargers help in facilitating a cohesive feeling. Very simple, tres chic.
(Photo by Rodney Bailey)

If you’re anything like me, nothing speaks to you more than flowers. Using several smaller scale arrangements will allow the use of more color without overwhelming the room. Notice the colored ribbon framing each square vase. This is a great way to enhance the vessel without doubling your floral budget by lining it with extra flowers!

(Photos courtesy of Wedding Day Art)

With this tablescape, the color is concentrated in the floral arrangements and highlighted by the use of crystal glassware. There is nothing to compete with the impact of the flowers. Also, for those wishing to curtail expenses or simply wish to allocate funds elsewhere, singular favor boxes with a decadent chocolate or two is an awesome and tasty alternative. Trust me, your guests will not miss the bubbles, lol!

(Photos courtesy of Wedding Day Art)

Candles are also an elegant and pocketbook-friendly way to enhance your surroundings. These pillar candles can be used on mirrored trays on the tables, or in holders in the windows. Everyone looks great in candlelight and it's so romantic! Also if they are scented (which I would avoid in the main area, you don’t want to interfere with anyone’s palate), they make a great addition to the bathrooms. I just love this rich wine color!

Take a peek at this clean tablescape. Notice the fashion forward metallics echoed in the table linen. Who says sparse can’t be beautiful? (Photo courtesy of Tina)

Next up: food, wine and cake (yum yum)

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