Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cake and Wine: A Perfect Pair

Nothing speaks to the warmth of an autumn wedding like wine. Whether it's a crisp chardonnay or a robust cabernet sauvignon, the varieties are endless and you're sure to find something for every palate. If you're having a cocktail reception, pair your favorite with a sumptuous bite of something savory. Or if you're serving a full-on meal, have your caterer construct a plate of cheeses (both hard and soft) and fruit to accompany the after dinner libations.

While we're on the subject of food and wine, let's talk about fall fare. At this time of the year, the air chills a bit and we welcome the warming comfort of more substantial food. Imagine being a guest at a wedding on a brisk October evening, the temperature has dropped enough to warrant a heavy wrap, the ceremony is over and you're headed to the cocktail portion of the evening. As you enter the room, a member of the waitstaff offers you a shot glass filled with the perfect sip of warm creamy tomato soup. Talk about hitting the spot! Now if there were bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches, you'd be in heaven.

Should your wedding be held in a vineyard, think of surprising guests with grilled warm duck quesadillas accompanied by mango salsa and merlot.

Notice how the clean white plates set off the food's coloring? The beauty of the wine is enhanced by embellishment-free glasses. Remember, presentation is KEY!

I must admit, I am a dessert kind of girl with a serious sweet tooth. (I definitely get it from my grandfather. I'd happily forgo dinner for the perfect slice of carrot cake with pineapple, walnuts AND raisins and the richest cream cheese frosting known to man.) To carry on with the vineyard theme, this cake is the perfect offering for such a setting. Look at the attention to detail. I can only imagine how long it took to create that lattice work, not to mention those grapes.
(cake by Have Your Cake)

I also love the simplicity of this white cake with tonal scroll work. The mini calla lilies and tea roses bring the wedding's colors into play.
(photo courtesy of Tina)
You almost hate to cut these works of art but one of the best parts of the evening is eating a great slice of cake!

When it's time for you and your new hubby to make an exit, these cones of petals should do just the trick. Let's keep it eco-friendly and use recycled paper, please.
(photo courtesy of Wedding Day Art)

For a parting gift your guests are sure to love, Carafe Winemakers in Chesapeake ( couples the opportunity to make their own wine. Be sure to choose a package that includes your choice of wine, bottles and corks, personalized labels, coordinated wrapping and processing fees and taxes. Be sure to book your reservations at least 6 months in advance.

Cheers to your lovely autumn inspired wedding!

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