Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sounds of the Season

Now that we've talked about how to decorate your home for the holiday festivities, it's time to talk sounds. Music is one of my passions and when used properly, it definitely sets the tone for the evening. Texture, substance and most importantly, ambiance are the names of the game, people. So let's focus. Here's my top 25 (in no particular order)and rest assured, there's something for everyone.

1. Old Blue Eyes, himself

2. Perfect Harmonies

3. The Pop Diva

4. The Operatic Greats

5. The R&B Ingenue

6. American Classic

7. A Country Favorite

8. It's Miss Patti, after all

9. For the child in us all

10. The Voice

A rocking good time

12. THE Divo!

Nawlins Christmas

14. One of my favorites!

15. Destiny's Child

16. Celine's Latest

17. Smooth Diana Krall

18. NKC, the Legend

19. Christmas Tunes by Dave

20. Opera's New Generation

21. Incredible Vocals

22. Simply Good Music

23. Michael Buble -Old School Feel

24. The Reason for the Season

25. For My Dad, Lady Lena

Honorable Mentions of Note:
Sarah McLachlan


Mr. Tony Bennett

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