Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Be Still My Beating Heart

I believe a certain Venezuelan designer is attempting to woo my attentions from one Mr. de la Renta. Luckily there is room in my heart for two. The designer in question, Mr. Angel Sanchez, has created splendid resort and spring bridal collections for 2009. I implore the coming spring brides to consider the resort designs for your ladies-in-waiting. Trust me, they will thank you.
The dashing designer

Aren't these layers divine? How does he make them appear so light and airy?
He knows a short hemline is a direct pathway to my heart.

This gown would be ideal in a ballroom. I can imagine how the candlelight would play against the fabric to great effect.
The detailing on this gown is incredibly intricate but does not weigh it down. How does he do it?
You know this is my absolute favorite! Now imagine you have a lovely full gown with train following you about but you've no desire to have it trailing after you all night. This dress is party perfection! You can dance the night away while staying on-trend with wardrobe changes at the reception. (Plus your dry cleaner will thank you.)

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