Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday's Escape: Royal Mirage, Dubai

When I think of new luxurious places to visit, Dubai always comes to mind. The city's aura is one that can not be matched anywhere else in the world. I am most anxious to explore this ever-changing city. One of the most decadent properties in Dubai is the Royal Mirage. It combines the traditional architecture and exotic touches you'd come to expect in the UAE. Enjoy and happy travels!


franki durbin said...

the last thing I need is yet another reason to head to Dubai. This place looks spectacular! Any time I see pools of water smoothly reflecting light I'm a goner ;)

Dawn said...

This place is so incredible. I've never ventured to Dubai and I'm so so anxious to go. It seems like such a romantic place, not fluffy or frilly, but very passionate.

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