Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Escape: Bo Phut Resort & Spa Thailand

Another Friday and boy I tell you, this has been a week to end all weeks. I am sooo ready for a little trip, even if it's only in my mind. I've never been to Thailand but I found this amazing little hotel, Bo Phut Resort and Spa and thought this would be a perfect place to spend a few days.

I am all for spending time in a sprawling metropolis overflowing with grand hotels but sometimes you need to escape from everything and everyone and spend a little time by the pool.

Nestled in seven acres on the northern tip of the island, set in gardens this is a perfect place to get away from it all. You get the idea: Relax and Refresh.

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


African-American Brides said...

What a gorgeous resort! I wouldn't mind spending time there myself. :)


Dawn said...

Hi Erica,
Doesn't it look sooo relaxing and peaceful? This resort definitely makes it to my "Must Visit" list.

Thanks for stopping by!

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