Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pulling Your Look Together

One of my brides-to-be has stationery on her mind and I don't blame her. Your wedding papers encompass more than just invitations and RSVP cards. One must think of menus, programs, escort cards, place cards, maps, even your napkins and favor boxes/bags. Keep in mind all of these items work as a unit, not only to provide information or some other such utility but to flesh out your wedding day's design as well. Your papery should mirror your decor's colors, style and feeling or mood. One way to do this is with a monogram or logo. One of my tweet friends, Kristy Rice, an incredible custom stationery designer, twittered about Marry Monograms last week. As you may have guessed from the name, the company creates beautiful monograms. Remember ladies, personalization is key, after all, it's your day.

Speaking of personalization, I've been feverishly working on a new logo with my graphic designer (you're the best, Mel!) and after many color scheme and layout changes, it's finally done. I am totally loving it! Now, just have to settle on a web designer to pull it all together. If you know someone great, shoot me an email!


Anonymous said...

Here's someone for you:

Dawn said...

Thanks Anon, I'll check them out.

letrice@Le'Penn Designs said...

Love the logo Dawn!!

Dawn said...

Thanks, LeTrice. I'm feeling it too!

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