Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Escape: Hotel Carlton, Venice

The inspiration for today's post is my fabulously globe-trotting friend, Ms. Franki Durbin. An acquaintence asked for hotel recommendations in Venice, something fabulous and directly on the canal. I knew Franki would not disappoint...ladies and gentlemen, The Hotel Carlton, Venice. The main selling point in my eyes? 100 windows facing the canal! Can't go wrong with that.
Gorgeous at night!

Love those chairs.


franki durbin said...

How did I miss this post?! Thanks for mentioning me. The hotel was amazing. Quintessential Venice. The fabric covered walls, matching the drapes, matching the bedding, topped with a Murano chandelier. It was stunning. And easily within walking distance of any and everything one could hope for in Venice. We stayed in the room directly above the front door. It afforded us lovely views of the canal.

But I will say this... it also afforded those same people quite the view of us if we didn't close the window in the shower. LOL! Gooooood morning, Venetians! ;)

Dawn said...

Wow, good morning, Venetians indeed! It's a gorgeous property.

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