Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Escape: Gaia Hotel & Reserve, Costa Rica

Happy Friday everyone! This week we are headed to the gorgeous eco-friendly Gaia Hotel & Reserve in Costa Rica. From the property's site:
"Gaia Hotel and Reserve - Located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, is an adults only luxury boutique beach 5 star hotel and resort and a member of "Small Luxury Hotels of the World". Imagine a tropical getaway that offers sublime luxury in a spectacularly exotic locale. This is Gaia. The Gaia Hotel achieves an ideal blend of modern amenities and natural scenery. Nestled in the magnificent coastal forests of Costa Rica, the hotel’s well-appointed, terraced suites and villas offer views of lush and pristine wild surroundings that are beyond compare.

Gaia also offers more conveniences than the guest could need, including an on-site restaurant, room service 24/7, spa, gym, and pool, plus the availability of a myriad of personal services. Gaia presents to the guest all that is desirable in an eco-friendly environment."
Be sure to take your camera just in case you catch a glimpse of a white face monkey in the trees.
Aerial views of the resort

A suite's view
2 bedroom villa and bath
Suite's sitting area
Private patio
Outdoor restaurant


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Dawn said...

Thanks for the feedback, Bathmate. I am always open for suggestions on posts. Glad you stopped by!

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