Monday, April 12, 2010

Real Wedding Day Inspiration - Meredith and Chris

Happy Monday, dear readers! I am so excited to bring you the next installment of our Real Wedding Day Inspiration series. Today's wedding couple, Meredith and Chris of Chicago, was photographed by the incredibly talented, Paula and Mike Luna of lunaphoto. Being a true city wedding, the celebration was unique with a lunch reception at TRU followed by a nighttime dance party. I loved the sophisticated, chic design. Enjoy!
I adore these pumps, very smart.
The callas really bring the drama to this bouquet. The color is so rich amd deep. Notice how Meredith's makeup pallette echos the same richness.
The dapper groom, Chris
The bride all ready to go.
First glance meeting before the I Do's.
I included this shot of the city and restaurant because it paired nicely with the tone of the wedding. Plus that banquet's color is most striking!
Notice how the restaurant's decor and presentation flowed so smoothly; very modern and chic. The sentiments of the wedding are carried over in every detail. That attention to detail makes for an incredible experience.
Doesn't Meredith look as if she could have stepped out of a movie? Simply gorgeous.
Great shot capturing the energy and movement of the city.
Notice her minimalist approach to jewerly? Nothing is overdone to compete, less is more.
Love the engagement ring on the turntable. (Did you notice the size of that rock? Chris did a great job!)
Letting loose on the dance floor.
Capturing this shot in b&w, adds that touch of glamour. Her smile is so radiant.

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