Saturday, April 24, 2010

Say It With A Picture - The Design Process

My dear readers, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It's a little chilly here in Richmond and has been raining off and on all day, perfect blogging weather! I received an email recently from a reader (Hi there, Angela!) who was having a bit of a problem conveying her design ideas to her florist. My response: say it with a picture! They're worth a thousand words and will definitely ensure you and your team of vendors are on the same page. Inspiration boards are a key piece of our design process at Dawn Easter Events.

A floral design client getting married in May sent this picture as inspiration for their centerpieces. The bride liked the round fullness of this pomander. The chosen color scheme is shades of pink, gray and white.

Here is the design I came up with. The larger size emphasizes the fullness she wanted as well as incorporating a mix of flowers adds visual interest and texture. I think the mini calla lilies in the bottom of the vase round out the design rather nicely.

My clients were very happy with the mockup I presented today. I have a few other details up my sleeve to add a dash of pizzazz. Can't wait until the wedding! It's going to be beautiful. I'll be sure to post pictures.

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