Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday's Escape: Hotel Nassauer Hof, Wiesbaden

While brainstorming on this week's getaway, I received an email from a college friend who now lives in Germany. She's a counselor at an American school and comes home most summers but I promised I was making the trek to visit for my grand tour of Germany thru her eyes. So until I can make the trip, I found the uberfabulous Hotel Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden which is just outside of Frankfurt. It's one of the few grand hotels in Europe and is exquisite.
I can imagine how lovely this little park would look covered in snow.
These pools are used for thermal baths offered in the spa. Did I mention the hotel boasts an Estee Lauder spa?
What I love most about this hotel is the restaurants. They have such differing personalities and decor.
This lounge would be lovely for pre-dinner cocktails.
How gorgeous is this staircase. And let's not leave the ceiling out. Imagine eating dinner in this setting, the city lights shining in thru the windows, glittering candles on the table...

I think Hotel Nassauer Hof would be a beautiful honeymoon option, particularly if the beach/tropical island isn't your thing. Also the hotel hosts various events throughout the year focusing on art, music, etc. Enjoy your weekend!

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