Sunday, May 2, 2010

Real Wedding Day Inspiration - Wing and Chris

Happy Monday, dear readers. Spring has officially sprung here in Richmond thought with 90+ temps and humidity, it definitely more like summer. To jumpstart your week, we are featuring a lovely Real Wedding Day Inspiration wedding from California shot by the fabulous Leo Patrone. What I love most about Wing and Chris' wedding is the subtle, quietness of the details. It's not a grandiose or over the top celebration, the details come across as heartfelt and well chosen. Very much like an intimate family affair.
The lovely bride, Wing
I like how the flowers, particularly the lamb's ear collaring the bouquet, match the groom's suit.
Wing is wearing a red gown is customary in Chinese heritage for her reception look.
An awe-inspiring view of the mountains.
Handwritten seating chart, perfect for this intimate celebration.
The newlyweds sharing a quiet moment.
3 of the most adorable partygoers.
Dahlia taking centerstage in the lovely arrangement.
Parasols were available for guests to shade them from the summer sun.
The caketoppers capture the couple's likeness perfectly.
The ceremony was set to take advantage of the mountain view.
A very romantic first dance.

A full view of Wing's gorgeous reception gown while they cut the cake.

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Mischo Beauty said...

Lovely! Just lovely. Thanks for sharing this! :)

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