Tuesday, March 10, 2009

70s Baby

I'm a 70s baby, no doubt about it. While some make fun of that decade, I embrace it! I love the makeup, the jewelry, and of course the clothes. Women just looked different back then, very soft and glowy-like. (Is that a word?) I remember staying at my Aunt dora's house and spending hours playing in her closet. A friend asked me to plan a 70s themed birthday party, nothing cheesy but very sophisticated and fun. I can't wait!
The 70s were Lady Diana's decade. She never looked so beautiful, just fierce! The makeup is flawless but the dress...I bet someone, somewhere makes draping like that.
I love this necklace from Posh Vintage, such a statement piece.
This dress reminds of Saturday Night Fever.
My aunt used to have several of these magazine clutch bags.
If she had not given them away, I would definitely rock them today.

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