Friday, May 30, 2008

Get Carried Away

Yes, it's 3am and I'm still awake and functioning...all I can say is I have Carrie Fever! Well, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda fever too. I just returned from the midnight screening of Sex and The City and as an avid watcher and fan of the series since its debut on HBO, the movie was beyond fabulous! The gowns...oh the wedding gowns...My personal fave?? Oscar's, of course! I wish I had a picture (I'll work on that, I promise). Here's the gown Carrie chose for her Big day with Mr. Big. Now, GO SEE THE MOVIE!!
Vivienne Westwood
Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are striking in Zac Posen. I am so loving the strong colors for such strong women! No pale pinks here.


franki durbin said...

I refuse to read this post in case you gave away the ending ;)

Dawn said...

Oh, I would never do that! I have a friend who has yet to see the movie, (can you imagine such a thing)and I'm bursting trying to keep the ups and downs to myself!

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