Monday, May 26, 2008

Creating A Sacred Space

The true essence of any wedding is the ceremony. Should you choose to design a ceremony steeped in religious significance or prefer a more bohemian take, the ceremony and its setting will be the focus of your guests attention for the better part of an hour. Why not make it a visual feast for the eyes? I am a huge fan of chuppahs, draping, gazebos, arches, etc particularly for outside locations or if you're ceremony is held in an austere ballroom. These elements bring a sense of focus to the space. They can be as grand or simplistic as you desire. You are truly limited only your imagination.
I love a candlelit ceremony. This simple design does not detract from the participants.
A close up view of the hand painted fabric. Design/picture courtesy of Custom Chuppahs.
I love an sunset ceremony, tres romantic! Photo courtesy of Florals Unique.
Such an ideal choice for a rustic or casual event. Photo courtesy of Chuppah House.
I love this hand painted design. The colors are incredible!
This quilted design is so homey in feel. I could totally see it used as a baby blanket.
Previous 3 photos courtesy of Silk Huppah
Beautiful location! Picture courtesy of A Paradise Wedding
What I like about this design is how it echos the room both in color and design.
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