Friday, May 16, 2008

Where The Wild Things Are

There are dream trips and then there are dream trips. The latter offers a once in a lifetime experience. The voyager has the opportunity do and see things they may have only read about in books or seen in movies. I have always craved the safari. That may come as a surprise to my friends/family as I am so not an outdoorsy type of girl, but a safari is truly something to behold. No company does it better than Abecrombie and Kent. Take a look at the options they offer, not only for Africa but great vacation experience around the globe.
For the non-camper having a mobile bedroom is the perfect option.
Can you imagine seeing zebra in their natural habitat? No enclosures, no barbed wire fencing...amazing!!
I watch the Animal Planet all the time, the Growing Up series is a fav. Watching the lions play 20 feet comparison.
Victoria Falls in Zambia
Can you stand it?!
Now, this is my idea of a tent. There are some lodges that are built into massive trees and have glass bottoms. That definitely the way to go!
Mosquito netting around the bed is imperative. Mustn't forget that.
Happy Weekend!

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