Friday, June 20, 2008

Bienvenido a Puerto Rico - Friday's Escape

I have always wanted to go Puerto Rico. I remember being regaled by a friend's stories of summers spent on the beach or trekking through El Yunque, family gatherings and gorging on arroz con gandules and plantains and the constant rhyme of salsa...sounds like paradise. I am finally planning a trip with a different friend for next spring, sort of a girls-only weekend away and I can't wait! I've found the perfect hotel, El Convento. It used to be a convent, hence the name. The property is the perfect blend of Old World style and modern sensibilities.
The sunny yellow facade is so Caribbean!
This is part of a fort dating back to Christopher Columbus.
I can imagine the breeze floating about the patio while having lunch...fabulous!
With the major cruise ships docking nearby, a lot of travelers use the hotel as stopover.
Doesn't this room look warm and homey? Loving the patio doors.
I always love getting to the pool before anyone else. The lounge chairs all neat in a row with perfectly rolled towels awaiting the day's guests.
I wonder if there is live piano during dinner? How romantic!
Lovely color combination.
Puerto Rico boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. A quiet spot, a trashy romance novel and a wide-brim hat is all I need...


franki durbin said...

yo do see the delicious irony of having an indulgent girl's weekend at a former convent, don't you? ;)

How wonderfully ironic. Somewhere there are nuns shaking their habits in disgust. ;)

Dawn said...

I know, naughty of us! It's a good thing I'm not Catholic;)

The hotel looks incredible, doesn't it? And don't get me started on the beach. I can imagine the eye candy...

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