Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Want Color

Okay, so I've moved into my new apartment. It's a lovely space, but like most apartments, it's white and beige. When it came to my previous apartments, I'd never been much of a decorator because I never spent much time there. I treated them like hotel rooms that I rented indefinitely...I ate there, slept there and showered there. I was busy living life, people. Which brings me to my new townhouse, the one with white walls and beige carpeting throughout. Neither of which I can change. To make matters more complicated, my sofa and chair are a nice shade of biscuit (read: lighter beige). I NEED COLOR! And lots of it...I found these lovely pillows on Asian Nouveau and I'm smitten. Bright bursts of color! Imagine them on neatly arranged on my sofa and the warmer colors on my bed.
Fushia and copper...beautiful together.
I love the cooler combination of the purple and blue/green
The pink and copper are my favorite! The pillows come in sets of 4.

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