Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Recap & Great Finds

Happy Monday Everyone! Okay, so I'm recovering slowing but surely from the weekend happenings. My apartment is still in shambles, boxes everywhere I turn, lol. Someone should come up with an unpacking/setup service. I had a great time at the white party and was definitely channeling my inner Marilyn circa "The Seven Year Itch". I wish I'd remembered to bring along my time, I promise!

Okay, back to business...I was having a discussion about wedding favors the other day and as I've mentioned before I am all about practicality. After all, what are adults going to do with bubbles besides throw them away? So, when I found these darling vases on the, I knew I had to share them!
I am so loving this bud vase. Personalize it if you must, but I think your friends would appreciate the versatility of the unscripted version.
Ditto for this option. I love the shape!
This will definitely encourage your friends to celebrate more often. And who doesn't love a reason to get together with friends?

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