Monday, February 4, 2008

Be Sure To Get My Good Side

Remember a few months back I was asked by Virginia Bride Magazine to write a column on wedding planning tips and trends? I also needed a headshot as well. As much as I love photography books, having my picture taken is so not a favorite way to spend my day. But there was no getting around this, believe me, I tried. While trying to decide which photographer to work with on this important, albeit small project, I came across the work of Jamie Parker. I reached out to Jamie and quickly set up an appointment. I forewarned her how much I hated having my picture taken and my utter lack of comfort in front of the camera. Jamie assured me I'd be great and there was nothing to worry about. To say working with Jamie was a joy is a total understatement! Well, her and her lovely assistant Bear. She was able to put me completely at ease. When I decided to put together my Gold List, Jamie immediately came to mind. Jamie is both warm and gracious, a true artist and I'm sure you'll have as great of a time working with her as I did. Dearest Readers, let's give a warm welcome to Jamie of Jamie Parker Photography.

Please tell our readers a bit of your background and how you started as a photographer.
My real interest in photography started in college. I was actually a biology major and immediately switched my focus (no pun intended, haha) after taking my first photography class. I then went on to earn a degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. Since then, I have worked with many great photographers and learned a lot of hands on skills and real world training to supplement my degree. I have been working as a professional photographer since 2003 and love it!

What should couples look for in a wedding photographer?
Couples need to make sure they feel comfortable with the person they choose to photograph their wedding. Meet with the individual (see if you connect or clash) and look at samples of their work to make sure their style matches your taste. Also, personality is very important. The photographer should be friendly and people oriented.

What is the style difference between traditional photography and
Traditional wedding photography only captures the ceremony and the reception, and includes a lot more posed images. I refer to the older, traditional way of photographing weddings as "cookie cutter". They all look the same. Photojournalism creates photos that tell the unique story of your wedding day from start to finish. It is about the people and the details of the wedding.

How can couples maximize their outdoor photos?
Outdoor photos do depend on the weather of course, but also the tastes of the couple and the photographer. Let your photographer know ahead of time your preference for outdoor photography. I know I personally like to do as much outside as I can. Formals are great outdoors, and I also like to spend some time creating romantic photos of the couple outside.

What are some of your tips to help couples capture the emotion of their wedding day?
Well, the number one priority of a wedding photographer (especially a photojournalist) is to capture the emotion of the wedding day. The couple needs to relax and enjoy themselves. You have met with your photographer and have communicated all of your wishes prior to your special day. So now that you have done your homework, sit back and relax.

I always tell people, wedding photography is an investment. After the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, you will still have your wedding photographs to help you relive and cherish the memories of your wedding day.

Black and white shots are so romantic!

Love, love, love the detail of these floral shots!!

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