Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Suite Life

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are 9 (yes, 9) days away from one of my absolute favorite holidays...Valentine's Day. By now you should know I'm all about celebrating life's special moments and this day of love is no different. However, I'd like to show you how to celebrate it on a more intimate level than the usual cocktail party. Over the next few days, I'll give you some tips and tricks for setting the ideal mood for amore.

Being that Godiva is one of my favorite chocolatiers, as soon as I read this, I knew I had to post it. Godiva is upping the ante with this year's promotion. The company has created a suite made entirely of chocolate. We're talking art, furniture, even the fireplace! The lucky winner and a guest will get to spend a weekend in chocolate bliss. Want to be the lucky couple? All you have to do is buy a $23 box of chocolates. Good luck!

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Christi Austin Photography said...

that's a room I could truly enjoy being in

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