Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Design Inspiration: The Versace Bed

Design inspiration can come from any where, any thing and at any time. You just have to be open to it. There are no hard, fast rules; no right or wrong. Just go with what speaks to you. I am a huge fan of the Versace design house. It's big, bold, sexy and extremely powerful. When I saw this bed I immediately wanted it. While it is somewhat restrained by Versace standards, it is no less impactful. The strong squared lines of the wall echoed by the lamps, bedside table and the bench at the bed's foot. The square throw pillows and quilted comforter round out the image.

But how does this translate to your wedding, you ask? Easily, really. Take this cake from Carlo's Bakery, for instance. Strong lines, a hint of pearlized shimmer. Feels frosty and cool. Perfect for a winter wedding.

Imagine long rectangle tables seating 20 guests per side with these square glass candle trays running down the center. Cover with white (or even gray and slate blue!) square candles, uplights along the walls, no overhead lighting. Incredibly soft glow. Your guests will look incredible!

This Philippe Starck lounge piece would be lend a sexy club vibe while keeping guests comfortably close to all the action.

A singularly elegant gardenia blossom.

The ultimate design element, a Tiffany's cushion cut diamond engagement ring.

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