Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Tables Trends

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! I received an email from one of my planner friends in Atlanta, Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events, featuring incredible concept table designs from the vendors at StudioWed Atlanta. If you're planning a wedding be sure to fit in an appointment at the studio.
Summer Romance

This tablescape embodies the essence of summer; light, fun and cheery. Take special notice of the fruits scattered about the table as well as the delicately beautiful cake.
Modern Peacock

I love the moody elegance of the peacock table. It's exotic, vibrant and sultry. Amazing color choices! I'll share my little secret, if you don't know about Z Gallerie, you're missing out.

What I love most about this table, is the feeling of bringing a bit of the garden indoors. Romantic, lush and feminine.


Kelly LaBruyere said...

Such great ideas! The Modern Peacock theme is my favorite!

Dawn said...

Hi Kelly. Yes, they did an excellent job! I love the Peacock theme as well. Very moody and exotic. I love high drama!

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