Monday, April 7, 2008

And Baby Makes Three

Spring signals new beginnings, the flowers bloom, the earth's renewal of all things beautiful are evident everywhere you turn and babies are no exception. Franki and her family recently welcomed a new addition and I instantly thought: baby shower!
Isn't this the sweetest mobile ever??! **Photo courtesy of Life In A Venti Cup**
April showers bring May flowers. These paper flowers could be used as place cards and double as favors.
Recycled tea canisters make perfect vessels for your floral arrangements.
Nest cupcakes with toasted coconut and marshmallow baby birds are too adorable!
When distance prohibits throwing your girlfriend a baby shower in person, why not send a care package filled with all the things a new mother could need.

My favorite idea is making a scrap book filled with pictures of the new baby's family and friends and yes, that includes the puppies. Reach out to the new mommy's parents for her baby pictures.
Have your favorite baker make these cute letter/number block cakes. They are shower perfect! **Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart**

These mini ice cream sandwiches are sure please your guests. For an added touch, be sure to coordinate your ice cream flavors with your decor colors.

1 pt. mango sorbet
1 pt. pistachio ice cream
80 small cookies (like Nilla Wafers, Pepperidge Farm Mini Chessmen and small shortbread)

Scoop 2 tsp. sorbet or ice cream on 40 cookies; top with another cookie. Smooth edges. Freeze on baking sheets for one hour, or until ready to serve.
**Recipe and photo courtesy of InStyle**

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