Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Fling

So, Isis and I were having our customary morning chat (yes, I talk to my cat and she absolutely listens) about the new client meetings I have coming up over the next few days and it occurred to me I hadn't really posted any spring wedding ideas. So, grab your chai and let's pow-wow.
Aside from Oscar, Carolina Herrera is one of my favorite designers. Ms. Herrera has such a refined, sophisticated taste...very classic and lady-like. My mother would definitely approve. I'll let you in on a little secret, I have an affinity for short wedding gowns. My mother was so chic in 1964 with her knee-length dress! If I can find that photo, I will definitely post it. **Photo courtesy of Carolina Herrera**
Now if you're having a true garden wedding, this horsehair hat is a natural choice to protect your delicate shoulders from the sun. So chic and stylish! Love it!! **Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart**
Warm weather breezes will not be an issue for your programs. Neatly tie the programs to a wicker fan with color coordinated ribbon. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness. **Photo courtesy of Dasha Wright**
Make a singularly beautiful statement. Amaryllis in Washington, DC created this gorgeous bouquet. **Photo courtesy of Amaryllis**
Butterflies add a touch of whimsy to these lanterns. **Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart**
Cake Alchemy's magnolia blossom adds life-like detail to their wedding cake. **Photo courtesy of yours truly**
Delightful pink invitations by Minted. **Photo courtesy of Minted**
Who says a spring wedding must be pink? A navy palette lends clean and tailored lines to your reception table. The napkins echo the squared plates nicely. **Photo courtesy of InStyle**
If zen minimalism is more your style, this table will wow your guests. Who says zen can't be breath-taking? The plants can do double duty as favors. **Photo courtesy of InStyle**
A beautiful thank you, these mother of pearl picture frames are sure please your bridesmaids. **Photo courtesy of Anthropologie**
Flavored sugar cubes will enliven your champagne toast. **Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart**

Just desserts: send your guests home with a little something to satisfy their sweet tooth. These adorable boxes will keep your cake from getting smashed on the way home. **Photo courtesy of Everyday Food**

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