Monday, April 28, 2008

The Cake Maestro: Ron Ben-Israel

Happy Monday, Everyone! There are some people that when you first meet, you understand right away: 1) they love people and 2) they love what they do. Ron Ben-Israel is one such person. You can taste his heart in every cake! Delicious. I met Ron at the New York Magazine bridal showcase and we hit it off immediately. He is such a warm and jovial personality, quick to pose for my camera, too! Naturally when I wanted to talk wedding cakes, Ron was all ears. Enjoy!

Ron in his studio

I love the jewel detailing on this design, so elegant and refined.

DE:Where do you get such great ideas for your designs?
RBI: Everything to do with a wedding or a celebration is inspirational. I look at the invitation, the venue, the flowers, and the bridal gown. Even on the menu to be served helps us plan for a fitting cake flavors.

I just love those topsy-turvy, off-kilter cakes. Gravity defying, indeed!
DE: What has been the highlight of your career to date?
RBI: I get excited with every completed cake, no matter the size or the style. As for the BIGGEST cake I've done, it's been the cake for The Plaza Hotel's 100th birthday this past Fall. Measuring 12" tall, and feeding 1,500 guests, this cake was served under magnificent fireworks and with the full New York Pops Orchestra playing in the background. Here is a link for photos from the event:

Such exquisite attention to detail. You almost hate to cut it, but you know it's going to taste sooo good!
DE: What is the best part about your job?
RBI: That I can't get fired, and that I can't quit.

DE: Who or what do you attribute your success?
RBI: My passion for all things cake and perseverance.

Incredible floral work.
DE: What advice would you give a bride when trying to decide on the perfect cake for her big day?
RBI: I would advise any bride to research and try at least two bakeries
before committing for a cake. It's very important to verify the abilities of the baker, and judge from tasting and seeing samples of work they've done before. I would always recommend going for a full-size cake with simpler designs rather than a smaller cake that can be insignificant in the environment.

Those cymbidium orchids are so life-like.
DE: What was your favorite cake you’ve designed so far?
RBI: I can't say; I love them all!

DE: If you weren’t such a fabulous cake designer, what would you be
RBI: I would probably be doing theater sets or lighting design.

Lucky for us, Broadway is not calling. Thanks, Ron!

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