Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Art of Sicis

I first heard of Sicis while reading AD and was instantly captured by the beauty of their ad. For those of you who have no idea who/what Sicis is, the company produces high quality mosaic tiles and they are true artists. Most people think of tiles as strictly for the bathroom, but I disagree. Tiling can be used to enliven the kitchen, a vanity or even as wall decor. They would be spectacular for a different table element at a wedding. Think along the lines of floral designs under glass. I've found a few of my favorite designs which are excellent starting points for color combination and inspiration. Hopefully I will be able to visit the company's New York showroom while I'm in town in a few weeks. Enjoy!
This reminds me of a larger scale version of Chanel's iconic camellia.
The artistry of this wall design is breath taking. Imagine the number of hours it took to create this, not to mention the mannequin!
This entire room is decorated with the tiles except the table and chairs.
Imagine if your bathroom looked like this one Would you ever leave? I don't know if I would!
Again, that wall design is incredible. It's intense yet subtle.
I am so loving this mirror!!

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