Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Boys

Hello again Dear Readers, now you know I couldn't post fabulous gowns for the beautiful ladies and leave the dashing gentlemen out in the cold. Nothing quite catches the eye like a well-dressed man. It just makes my toes tingle when I see a man in a perfectly cut suit. Trust me, find a great tailor and you've discovered a true gem! I am so against renting tuxedos, every man should have an evening suit. Now on to the goodies!!
Maestro Armani does it again.
Single breasted pinstripe by Calvin Klein.
Also by Calvin Klein. I'm not a huge fan of vests, but on slim frames they work.
Love, love, love a great white shirt, Ermenegildo Zegna, people.
I couldn't resist George Clooney in Armani; classic movie star elegance.
Ahhh, let us behold Gucci. *Photo courtesy of Chris Shipman
RL: American classic Ralph Lauren
I am not a huge fan of light colored suits, but this Ralph Lauren Purple Label just works. Great for a beach/tropical wedding.
The genius of Valentino. Don't you just want to muss his hair, lol??
Now, I know there are some who prefer loafers, but when you're going formal, go formal. Brooks Brothers lace ups, reminds me of my dad's.

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