Monday, March 24, 2008

Who Are You?

Happy Monday Everyone!! I wanted to start the week off by talking a bit about weddings. Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be, after all that's part of the reason we're here, lol. Let's focus on tradition and individualization of the big day. I am a huge fan of incorporating things which will speak to your personality (such as your reception tables named after milestones in your relationship; location of your first date, favorite vacation spots, etc.) but also honoring the traditions of your cultural heritage. It's a way of expressing who you truly are to your guests and trust me when I say, they'll love it.

Reporter Lisa Ling did just that with her celebration earlier this year, which reflected their Chinese background. From Lisa's red gown to the lanterns decorating the afterparty, cultural touches were evident throughout the day.

Both of Lisa's parents walked her down the aisle.
Lisa and her new husband, Paul Song after saying their "I do's".
The beautiful red and gold lanterns used at the reception.
The power of lighting! The red and gold lighting used really transformed this space. Instant magic and drama!

Two-time boxing champion Fernando Vargas and his beautiful bride Martha made a gorgeous couple in traditional Mexican attire at their Los Angeles wedding.

Your guests are sure to enjoy the Mexican wedding cookies you'll serve as a special treat! They would make perfect favors to take home or great with milk later in the evening.
Mariachi musicians are an excellent way to express pride in your heritage.
An African-American tradition of "jumping the broom" symbolizing the start of your lives together as a married couple is great fun to witness.
The Jewish tradition of the Hora.

I love Indian bride's henna, such intricately beautiful designs. If you're attending an Indian wedding, be sure to see if you can locate the groom's initials in the design. Tradition says the groom must be able to find them by the end of the night in order to consummate the marriage.
Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai and her new husband receive the priest's blessing at her ceremony last year.
Indian weddings are always very festive occasions, typically lasting 3-4 days. There are mehendi parties, where the bride's hands and feet are decorated as well as parties given by both sets of parents. What I love most is the use of color and abundant flowers! I love when folks are not afraid of color. Fabulous and lush!!

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