Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Bliss

Okay, is it just me or is the weather starting to play with my emotions? One minute it's warm and sunny and next it's 45 degrees. Since spring is alluding us (at least for the present moment) I thought I would do a little something to brighten my day.

First, I had a private makeup lesson with the truly fabulous Erika Nixon of Makeup On Demand. She is the makeup guru in the Richmond area and since my look hasn't changed in a while, I knew it was time for professional intervention. I heard great things about Erika and she did not disappoint. Now, we all know, it can be a little intimidating to have a perfect stranger go to work on your face but Erika was an absolute doll! She is so funny and warm, we totally lost track of time. I will definitely be profiling Erika for my Gold List in the near future.

Now on to my DIY project. I was doing a little shopping last evening and saw the prettiest white daisies. So fresh, so clean, so very spring! I had to get a couple of bouquets, a trim here, a snip there and we were on our way. Now, I'm no Janie, but not bad, not bad at all.
One of the smaller arrangements for my nightstand.
And the other.
The tall arrangement in a lovely purple vase whose color did not translate well here. Mental note: more light next time.
And yes, that is my desk with my piles of design books and magazines. What's sad is that's not all of them, lol!

Have a Happy Monday!!

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