Monday, July 28, 2008

Discovering The Z

It all started with my move to a new apartment. Since I was making a new start, I wanted a new environment as well. Keeping some of the old things but making room for the new and fabulous. With that in mind, I reached out to my cyber friend and fab interior designer Franki, who put me on to Z Gallerie. People...I am hooked on this store!
These safari lanterns are perfect for a wild night of partying (sorry, I couldn't resist)!
I love this stylish Gatsby storage cube. Great for hiding secrets.
I am so loving this Barcelona's bold and glam...exciting tabletop!
I still can't believe these pillar holders are made of wire.
This Leslie bed is so glamorous, I can barely contain myself.
These orange and brown vases are gorgeous. I believe only the brown and clear remain.
Is it just me or are the boxes even better than the candles?!
I want to make a table linen out of this curtain!
This Cassina silk bedding is incredible! I love these colors.
I MUST have these capiz bowls!
I love this bedding for a man's room. Very virile and strong looking.
See how perfectly these beaded placemats go with the lanterns?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Z Gallerie!!!!

Certifiably Resourceful

Dawn said...

Isn't the best?! My poor, poor credit cards...

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