Wednesday, July 9, 2008

From Mama Gena's Lips...

I was checking my email this afternoon and found a note from Mama Gena. For the unfamiliar, Regena Thomashauer (better known as Mama Gena) is in the business of female empowerment. Ms. Thomashauer is all about showing women how to enjoy life to the fullest at her school in New York. Who can argue with that? I really liked this particular letter and wanted to share it with you...Enjoy!

"I had a Sister Goddess regale me with this story the other day. She had to go to a friend's birthday party in the City. She and her housemate were happily nestled in their beach house in the Hamptons and the thought of going into the city was about as enticing as going to the dentist! But they love the birthday gal, dearly. So, what's a Sister Goddess to do? Figure out a way to make it pleasurable and FUN! This was just the spark to get them moving.

They decided that they would start by stopping for snacks and drinks for the 2 hour drive, flirting with everyone they encountered. While at Kmart they decided to buy a small disposable video camera to give to their friend. They thought that turning themselves into director and producer, and the party into a movie might make both a wonderful gift for the hostess, and really good fun for themselves. As luck would have it (and it always does when PLEASURE is involved) there was no traffic, and they sped happily to their destination. When they got there, they were the life of the party! Chatting and flirting with everyone. Listening to all sorts of fun stories about the birthday girl that they'd never heard and, even better, they captured it all on tape for her. Not only did they have a great gift for their friend, but they were no longer wishing they'd stayed at the beach house. They took themselves higher and everyone around them, too!

Regena Thomashauer
This is the power of pleasure, my loves. Choosing to have fun, no matter what, is up to you. It's a choice in each moment. Every day we have the choice to make the boring, brilliant; the mundane, memorable; the difficult, divine. Make no mistake, it's a choice. We've been conditioned for so many years to suck it up or grin and bear it. That's not what we're talking about here.

These Goddesses made a choice to celebrate their friend. They could've just went and been the "good friends." They would have spent the day eating birthday cake and making chit chat with the other guests, all the while counting the minutes 'til they could hightail it back to the beach, and then complain about everything the whole way home.

Not my Sister Goddesses! They learn to put themselves as the leading ladies in their lives, creating memorable moments for themselves because it lights them up. And because it brings them pleasure, the end result is that everyone around them goes higher!

There is a legendary story at my school. I've watched this particular Sister Goddess spice up an intercontinental love affair, and then use every opportunity to create intimacy and fun as she allowed one of the most beautiful desires of her life unfold. Her story puts me flat out on the floor in awe. . . "

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